‘New to the world’ technologies, based on Innovative and novel WOOW platforms, need cast iron assurances for commercialization. In our bid towards client delight, we have completely de-risked the process of technology implementation, but taking over all the technology and associated risks.

Apart from our unique “bounded box” approach that gives the optimal solution for any given situation, our state of the art data generation and analysis facilities enable us to look at the various aspects of process in minute detail. The modular demo units, customizable for specific applications, enable us to eliminate any scale-up problems.

Our turnkey solutions with guaranteed outputs, quality of products and consumables enable us to scale up and commercialize with assurance of success.

As part of policy of customer delight, we also offer certain plants on build, own operate (BOO) basis, where we take the entire pain of waste water management and recycle and offer zero liquid discharge at prices much cheaper than energy intensive/cost intensive alternatives.

Geist has taken up the challenge to make industrial waste water recycling a profitable activity and change the paradigm. Offering globally competitive solutions for worldwide problems of various chemical processing and related industries, Geist promises to harmonize environment with economic activity in a way that leads to win-win-win situation for the customer, for the environment and for Geist.

To eliminate risk to our clients, a calibrated 4 step de-risking process is adopted consisting of the following :

Financial de-risking

  • by guaranteed performance of plant capacity
  • by guaranteed utility and consumables consumption
  • by guaranteed product quality
  • by assistance in sale of the product (if needed)
  • As a measure of our confidence, we will even operate the plant if needed. To offer you complete peace of mind, so that you can concentrate on your core business.
Technology de-risking
  • by generating data in our own fully equipped, state of the art lab, with equipment specially designed for aqueous system.
  • by generating data regarding various equilibria, kinetics and transport phenomena to understand the process at the fundamental level.
  • by modeling and validating the system using our proprietary algorithms developed specially for aqueous systems.
Project de-risking
  • by offering projects on turnkey basis with one point responsibility for technology, timely execution and cost control
  • by executing projects with assistance from our group companies ( who have exhaustive experience in executing water related projects across India
  • by sourcing exclusively from approved vendors for stringent quality control
Scale up de-risking
  • by design of the process using our own data and design methodology, specifically designed for aqueous systems
  • by design of continuous systems for better reliability, lower costs and ease of operation for our clients
  • by validation of scale up and continuous plant design using modular, flexible demo units 
  • by generating small quantities of samples for detailed testing and seed marketing
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