Profit from ZLD

Geist believes that realization of this Green potential is essential for the long term wellbeing of the industry and its harmonious co-existence with the environment. The first step in this direction is to classify the “waste waters” as “resource streams”. These resource streams can be exploited for recovery of various chemicals that are present in them. The cost of recovery of these chemicals being a fraction of their market price, offers an attractive business proposition. This coupled with the elimination of the need for treating these “waste waters” adds to the overall profitability.

The resource stream post-recovery can be either recycled directly or after a traditional treatment e.g. reverse osmosis (RO) or mechanical vapor recompression (MVR). The reject / concentrate streams from RO / MVR can be further used for recovery of chemical values. The whole process becomes zero liquid discharge and adds significantly to the bottom line by generating profits.

In most cases the investment in the recovery facility pays for itself in 6-24 months.

Profits Accrue from:

  • Revenue generated from sale of recovered pure chemicals from the ‘waste’ streams
  • Current cost of treatment eliminated thereby effecting huge savings in operating costs
  • Fresh water purchases are cut down drastically through complete water recycling
  • Intermediates and products that are lost in wastewater streams are recovered leading to increase in yield and conversion.
  • Significant reduction in capital cost as compared to conventional ETPs
  • Significant reduction in the footprint in the recovery system freeing the land for other productive purposes
  • Typical payback varies between 6 - 24 months depending on the composition and concentration of the ‘resource stream’


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