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We at Geist offer the chemical industry sustainable & profitable technological solutions for chemical recovery from industrial wastewater streams.

We offer turnkey solutions based on innovative technology platforms to achieve Profit from Zero Liquid Discharge.

Geist WOOW technologies not only generate profits from resource streams but also eliminate water pollution thereby allowing the companies to focus on their core competencies.

Waste waters (WW) are a necessary evil associated with industrial activity. Treatment & disposal of these WW are often an expensive/difficult exercise.

ZLD is often considered a viable way forward. However, ZLD involves significant capital and operating costs.

We, at Geist believe that industrial wastewater offers an untapped potential for adding to the bottom line as well as green credentials of the industry.

Chemical manufacturing industries consume copious amounts of freshwater & generate equal amounts of wastewater. Normally these WW are treated in conventional ways. These conventional methods have various capital/operating costs associated with them & essentially convert one waste to another to meet the statutory norms.

Geist has developed sustainable and profitable technologies for the chemical manufacturing industry to address the treatment of these industrial wastewater.

Our Vision

Clear and Future-Focused Guidance

In today’s rapidly evolving industries & marketplace, the call for sustainability is growing louder than ever before.

As industries worldwide shift their focus toward a greener and more responsible future, we recognize the need to align our strategies with these changing dynamics.

At Geist, our commitment to sustainability can not only help you achieve your environmental goals but also ensure a path to guaranteed profitability even in the ever-evolving landscape of tomorrow.

What sets Geist apart is our unwavering focus on creating solutions that matter.

Environmental Impact

Addressing Water Pollution

Water pollution caused by the chemical manufacturing industry is a significant environmental concern. This type of pollution arises when chemical factories release harmful substances and byproducts into water bodies. 

To mitigate this issue, regulatory agencies enforce strict environmental standards and guidelines for chemical manufacturers, compelling them to adopt cleaner production processes and efficient wastewater treatment technologies. 

Geist is committed to addressing the critical issue of water pollution generated by the chemical manufacturing industry. 

Geist’s approach involves the use of specialized technologies specifically designed to remove these pollutants efficiently, ensuring strict adherence to environmental regulations.

Our specialized solutions not only mitigate water pollution but also promote sustainability by implementing practices like Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). 

This innovative approach minimizes the environmental footprint by recovering valuable chemicals and resources from industrial wastewater, turning pollution into profit.

We are dedicated to preserving water resources, fostering a cleaner environment, and providing cost-effective resolutions for the chemical manufacturing industry’s water pollution concerns.

Woow technology

Woow technology benefits

  • Recovery of multiple chemicals from a single stream in its purest form which is then available for recycling or sale thereby generating profit.
  • The residual water can be recycled back to the parent process to achieve ZLD
  • Due to complete recycling, drastic reduction in the need for the purchase of fresh water
  • The cost of recovery of these chemicals is typically 10-50% of the price of these chemicals, thereby making the whole project highly profitable with a payback period ranging from a few months to max. 2 years
  • Creates space for expansion of activities/adds to the bottom line in a highly competitive environment.
  • Savings in the cost of treatment of WW
  • ZD makes statutory compliance much easier. 
  • Prevents secondary/tertiary damage which is difficult to quantify even with streams matching the norms.
  • Eliminates the Need for land for secure landfill
Expertise and Scale

From Lab to Plant Scale

Our capabilities span a wide range, from designing processes at the laboratory scale to commercializing cutting-edge technology at the plant scale. We have the expertise and experience to address the unique challenges of the chemical industry, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future.

Success Stories

Elevating Success, One Story at a Time: Geist’s Impactful Journeys

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