Ongoing Installation by Geist Research Pvt Ltd for Zero Liquid Discharge project for a reputed Chemical Manufacturing Company!

The ongoing project involves the Design, Supply, Engineering, Installation Supervision & Commissioning of Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate Recovery Unit (WOOW-RS (AnSS)).

This project aims to achieve the maximum level of purity in the recovery of Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate from the generated wastewater.

Geist offers turnkey solutions for creating ‘Wealth Out Of Waste’ based on proprietary, innovative technology platforms that enable our clients to generate Profit from Zero Liquid Discharge.

As industries and communities seek more sustainable practices, ZLD emerges as a crucial solution that aligns economic growth with environmental preservation.

Geist WOOW technologies not only minimizes the environmental footprint by recovering valuable chemicals and resources from industrial wastewater, turning waste into wealth.

We, at Geist believe that industrial wastewater offers an untapped potential for adding to the bottom line as well as green credentials of the industry.